Our Work

Our core strength is creating solutions that are based around optical 3D metrology.

Our non-contact optical 3D measurement systems routinely outperform traditional CMM, touch probes, and gages.

3D video projection that is superior to laser projectors

Fully digital 3D composite repair system

We can create new products that require non-contact optical 3D measurement.

What Twin Coast Metrology Can Do For You

Twin Coast Metrology is the only metrology company dedicated to solving problems that can't be addressed by off-the-shelf products. Let us save you time and money by creating a custom solution that meets your unique needs.

The norm for current product development and manufacturing is a fully 3D digital product life cycle. Design, validation, manufacturing, QA, and repair are all expected to "get" 3D. This means 3D is not a product any more but rather the baseline assumption.

Our core strength is optical 3D metrology. Many of our projects are used for quality assurance by performing dimensional measurement replacing hand gages, CMMs, touch probes, etc. However, flowing from this core technology, we can make 3D optical metrology a feature in completely new kinds of systems. For example, our 3D projection technology will project work instructions directly onto parts while they are being assembled. Our PlyGage product fully digitizes composite repairs, which were previously performed with scissors, mylar, and a marker pen.

If you have a measurement requirement that can't be satisfied by off-the-shelf metrology products--or if you have to transition an older non-3D process into the 21st century--we are here to help.