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Twin Coast Metrology is the industry leader in 3D optical projection and 3D optical metrology equipment and services.  TCM’s technologies improve productivity in manufacturing, repair, visualization, and inspection environments by combining optics with state-of-the-art software.  By linking directly to CAD and other 3D technologies, TCM’s solutions integrate into customer workflows, often resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements over traditional processes.

Whether applied as a single unit, or a large-scale integration, TCM’s success in meeting demanding customer requirements establishes 3D optical projection and metrology technologies as the productivity solution that customers have sought for decades.

Founded in 2008, TCM’s key personnel possess an average of twenty-two years of experience in industrial and commercial applications per person. The company was built on filling the strong need for specialized optical 3D measurement and projection (augmented reality) products. We noticed that existing off-the-shelf products ignored important problems because they were not designed around specific requirements. We subsequently succeeded in some of most challenging optical environments and workflows — for example — optical measurement and 3D projection for composite repair, honeycomb core, 3D (augmented reality) optical projection, extracting temperature from color using temperature-sensitive paint, composite surfaces, hot forgings in-process, forgings pre-machining, cast parts, live-tracking of components in 3D space, and integrated robotic solutions. 

Twin Coast Metrology serves the customer to make certain that 3D optical projection  and 3D optical metrology needs and requirements are not only met, delivered on time, but surpass expectations for “vision in 3D”. 

Twin Coast Metrology

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TCM’s 3D video projection system was featured on CNBC’s segment, “Inside the F-35,” describing technologies implemented by the F-35 program to cost-reduce and automate the F-35 build as production increases over the next several years


TCM delivered solutions efficiently and effectively. Pleased to have worked with their team because of their willingness to not compromise, and get the job done per our unique and challenging requirements and time frame.”

– Aerospace Customer