Assembly Assistance Projection

Project work instructions directly on the part and cut manufacturing defects and cycle time by 50%.tcmproj2Installation of Complex Assemblies

Twin Coast Metrology’s ProjectorGage product can significantly reduce assembly time by projecting work instructions directly on the part, rather than requiring the operator to rely on a paper print or computer screen. Symbols, lines, filled areas, colored areas, animations, instructions, and part numbers are visible directly on the part surface in 3D!

CAD data and digital formats

ProjectorGage imports 3D data including polylines, surfaces.

Integration with Hand Tools

ProjectorGage guides an operator to specific locations, and measurements are collected with 3rd-party devices.


Visually Intuitive

With virtually no training, personnel can build complex assemblies.  This reduces mistakes, re-work, and allows for productive work from the get-go.



Whether assembling a bread box or a full-size airplane, ProjectorGage is scalable to make sure all surfaces are illuminated, and all work areas are covered.


ProjectorGage is fully supportable in the field.  The system can be maintained long-term using  COTS parts and calibration methods that can be performed by maintenance personnel.

Twin Coast Metrology COTS Hardware
Twin Coast Metrology COTS Hardware