Metrology Software


Twin Coast Metrology’s software, SurfaceGage, excels at fully automated, camera based, optical metrology for manufacturing environments. SurfaceGage is at its core, photogrammetry software, that unifies single camera photogrammetry, white light/structured light scanners, and complex multi-camera, multi-projector measurement networks into one seamless software package.

In its simplest hardware configuration, a single camera, it is a like a photogrammetry system.  Configure it with 2 cameras, and a video projector, it is a white light/structured light surface scanner.  On the high end, it can support up to 16 cameras, FANUC industrial robots, Allen Bradley PLC’s, stepper and server motion control systems, stepper motion control systems, and fixed structured lights.  This flexibility gives Twin Coast Metrology, great leeway for tailoring solutions to individual customer needs.

SurfaceGage has a state of the art bundle adjustment optimizer. The software can handle hundreds of thousand features, 500+ images, one to sixteen cameras, any focal length lens with full lens correction, self-calibration of cameras, automated data cleaning, uncertainty tracking, references systems, and temperature compensation, 100% automated, all at production rates.

SurfaceGage can calibrate video projectors, which allows projecting color maps directly on the part post measurement.

Calibrated video projector is also useful for accurately applying light patterns (dots, lines, grids, etc) on the part independent of the part position. For example, projecting dots of light at programmed locations enables high-speed surface measurements by skipping processing of features that are not of interest. A large point cloud is never created.

3D Data Collected from an RC Truck Body