Hot Forging Measurement System

Measure hot parts, fast before they cool.

Our Hot Part Scanning technologies can robustly determine whether a forged part is compliant with manufacturer specifications immediately after forming or before cooling is complete.

High-Temperature Measurement

System is capable of rapidly gathering data at part temperatures of up to 2100 °F

Active Cooling

Use of optical technologies for measurement allows the system to keep these components thermally isolated from the floor environment.  Active cooling reduces ambient temperature to safe, consistent levels.

Rapid Data Collection

This system uses an array of 16 cameras and 8 projectors to rapidly gather 360° data.

Robust, Safe Data Collection

Touchless optical measurement minimizes operator interaction with the part while gathering far more comprehensive data than traditional measurement techniques.

Color Map Reporting

Results are reported quickly and comprehensively and are easy to understand.  Green areas are well within specification, while violet areas represent underfill and red areas are excess material.


PLC Integration

Our system was integrated into a fully automated, robotics driven cell, with robust PLC communication and results reporting.