Large Spun-Form Part Measurement System

Fully automated large part measurement system.



Inspection of a family of spun-formed components takes place from a single mouse click.



System achieves 0.015″ 2-sigma precision over a 12-foot (4 meter ) diameter.


3D Projection of Color Map Deviations

As each part is inspected, the deviations from nominal (CAD) are projected directly on the part surface to illuminate pass/fail conditions.  A digital copy of the color map is stored on the PC network.

Dot Size Deviation Projection
Dot Size Deviation Projection

Thickness and Profile Measurements

Measurement results show machining yield from spun component.

Part-Specific Programming

Datums, tolerances, and inspection criteria are automatically applied to each part during runtime.

In-Process Measurement

Hardware integrated into the work environment ensures that the parts can be bought off prior to the machining process.  Any marginal or out-of-tolerance conditions can be identified and corrected before machining begins.

Cycle Time

Cycle time including setup is reduced from hours to 15 minutes.