System Integration Capabilities

Twin Coast Metrology can use its optical metrology and 3D projection capabilities to deliver completed turnkey systems tailored for your environment.

Our Capabilities

  • Fully-automated production solutions including integration with robots and custom designed motion-control systems.
  • High-throughput measurements systems, 5x to 10x faster than a CMM.
  • Large field-of-view measurement systems, 12 meters by 3 meters (40’x20′ ).
  • Optical 3D surface scanning using structured light, commercially known as white light scanning.
  • Optical 3D surface scanning of uncoated composites and shiny metals
  • Optical 3D measurements of hot (2000° F) metal parts.
  • Optical 3D feature measurements of holes.
  • Optical 3D feature measurements of edges.
  • Optical 3D feature measurements of honeycomb and flex cells.
  • Photogrammetry, 3D feature measurements of sticker targets.
  • 3D Video Projection
  • Statistical machine learning (neural networks, support vector machines, etc.) for Metrology
  • Thermal paint analysis
  • Composite repair