Augmented Reality Projection Software



Twin Coast Metrology’s augmented-reality projection software, Assembly Assistant, projects work instructions directly into the manufacturing area. It is ideal for high-value, manual, assembly work. It reduces defects and cuts assembly time by allowing the manufacturing personnel to stay focused on the work area, rather than constantly switching focus to look at blueprints, or even worse, doing the assembly from memory.

Our customers realize a 50% decrease in assembly defects, and a decrease in assembly time when adopting our projection system.

3D Projection on A Panel
3D Projection on A Panel


The assembly assistant software supports

  • Up to 16 projectors, any manufacturer, any interface, any throw ratio, with no modifications.
  • Up to 16 cameras, 100’s of possible compatible cameras and lenses.
  • Up to four teams may use the system at once
  • Up to 4 ZigBee remotes
  • Up to 4 concurrent Fischer Technology Coating Thickness Gage’s.
  • Wireless gage integration with MobileCollect’s MicroRidge base station.
  • Fully 3D, the programmer has full control of where the light is projected on the part.
  • Any projector configuration is possible, portable head, 360 degrees around a part, straight down on a table, and horizontally onto a wall.
  • The job authoring software is included with the system.
  • Over 180 built point projection symbols.
  • Project 3D Lines, 3D filled Polygons, and Colored surfaces projection. Project coating masks, adhesive locations, and part assembly orientations.
  • Flexible Data Import, File Formats: STL, PLY, CSV, WRL, DXF, and GOM G3D. Tested with files generated by CATIA and Solidworks.
  • Built in part number database, to support installing fasteners, bolts, cleco, click studs, setup bolts, nuts, or nut plates.
Job Editor Screen Shot
Job Editor

COTS Hardware

The assembly assistant software supports building systems from COTS hardware.

Twin Coast Metrology COTS Hardware
Twin Coast Metrology COTS Hardware

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The assembly assistant software has an SDK to allow end users to perform system integration themselves.