Automotive Cast Part Measurement System

The system measures 20 times more points while cutting cycle time by 80% compared to a traditional CMM.

Twin Coast Metrology’s Casting Inspection Cell provides automotive cast part manufacturers the ability to measure hundreds of inspection points in seconds, slashing inspection times from hours to minutes. Rapid, in-line inspection supports 24/7 factory throughput.


With optical inspection tolerances as low 0.002” 2 sigma are achievable. Because of the casting inspection cell’s flexibility in measuring part sizes and shapes, future production lines can be easily adapted to the Cell.

The cell is completely adaptable for different parts down the line. Unique end of arm tools that connect to the robot can be designed for any part in the future.


The cell is completely automated. An operator places a part in the fixture that is identified by a barcode or RFID chip to ensure the correct programs run for the correct parts. (Fixture shown below)


The Robot then comes out to interact with the custom end of arm tool and bring the part into the inspection cell.